Whether you are now working from your office or working from your home, work chairs are a must. While most working individuals do not pay a lot of attention to their töötoolid, it not only offers you comfort but looks after your physical health too. But how should you look after your chair after you have purchased it? Minor accidents will happen that could ruin your chair, you might spill your tea or coffee while in a hurry, you could spill water or your entire lunch.

Your job is not done just by purchasing the most comfortable and reliable chair for yourself, you need to know how to maintain it as well as keep it clean. To help you out, here are the top tips on maintaining your office chairs so that they give you your money’s worth.

Check Out The Upholstery Tag

Any office chair comes with a care tag attached below the seat where you would find all the instructions regarding how to look after it. There are different types of work chairs available; therefore, the type of care one needs would be different too. Most cleaning tags have codes on them, and one needs to know those codes to efficiently clean their chairs. If the chair has a W code, it means it should be cleaned with water-based products or just simple water.

If the tag comes with the code A, then you must go for water-free solvent. W/S code means you can opt for either water-based or water-free products. X denotes that the chair should be vacuumed or just dusted to keep it clean.

Vacuum The Crumbs And Dust On The Chair

For any kind of chair, use a vacuum to clear away any food crumbs or dust that might have accumulated there. Dust particles are usually not visible to the naked eye, vacuuming ensures your seat remains clean throughout. Not just the seat, clean the backrest, the armrest, and the headrest as well.

Be Careful While Cleaning The Upholstery

If you do not know the kind of fabric that has been used for your chair, you need to first figure it out. Usually, if you spot any stains or blemishes on fabric seating chairs, use warm water, lint-free cloth plus water solvent cleaner to clean that area.

If you have a leather or a faux leather chair, use a conditioner to clean our chair to prevent drying out. Leather has moisture entrapped, and if it starts drying out, the leather would crack and start peeling, so be careful.

Make Sure You Lubricate The Work Chair Castors

Working chairs usually come with castors so that you can freely move. Dirt and hair accumulating there would restrict that movement. Flip your chair upside down, clean the dirt and grim and then lubricate the castors. This should be done every six months to keep it going for long.

Wrapping up, these are some of the crucial tips on how you can take care of your working chair. Tool & Tool has been offering their services of supplying reliable, comfortable, and quality working and office chairs for years. Their products are affordable and will fit all kinds of budgets