If you’ve seen the news recently or browsed home prices in the area you live in, you’ve probably seen how homes are selling at historically high prices, and deals are closing at record speed. Much of this is because employers are embracing remote work, which is enabling families and individuals to live in regions further away from the city. When combined with a shortage of inventory, it results in a favorable experience for sellers.

If you’re looking for ways to sell your home fast over the coming months, look no further than the tips below.

Upgrade your kitchen

Since the kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the home, it’s important to spruce it up before putting your home on the market. A cost-effective way to upgrade your kitchen is by replacing the hardware on your cabinets. You can purchase new cabinet hardware at most home improvement stores for a few bucks apiece, and installation frequently only requires a screwdriver.

Installing new light fixtures and bulbs is another cost-effective way to boost the value of your home. Simple pendant lights are a great choice for many homeowners because they have clean lines that won’t overpower the general design of your kitchen. These typically work best over a kitchen island if you have one installed. If you don’t have a kitchen island, you can install a chandelier over a table.

Insulate your home

Regardless of where you live, one of the biggest ongoing costs of owning a home is energy and utility costs. By investing in Energy Star certified double-pane windows, you can spruce up your home and decrease your energy bills by as much as 15%. Upgraded windows are a major selling point for buyers to the point they add nearly $10,000 to a home’s resale value.

If you already have upgraded windows or don’t want to take on the project, you also have other options to improve energy efficiency such as adding spray-foam insulation to the attic and adding weather stripping to exterior doors. Spray foam is relatively affordable, only costing around $1,000 to $3,600 which is generally recouped when the home is sold. Weatherstripping on exterior doors is typically $20 to $30 per door.

Refresh your driveway for a smooth and safe entrance way

A great driveway is a must-have for any home that is put on today’s market. While it’s impossible to maintain a flawless driveway, as cracks always form as the driveway materials settle, it’s important to fix any defects that cause height differentials or significant cracks.

The two main types of driveways for homes are concrete and asphalt. Concrete is a binding agent for sand and crushed stone which results in a lighter gray color that can be customized with stamped designs to minimize the look of paver stones or brick.

Asphalt driveways are also made from sand and crushed stone, however asphalt is a petroleum-based material that’s similar to tar. They’re also commonly known as “blacktop” driveways because they are usually black or dark brown.

If you’re not sure which type of driveway is best for your home, you can contact a real estate agent to get solid advice.