Black ants are common everywhere. You will mostly find them in your washroom or kitchen. Though black ants won’t trouble you much, they can create lots of problems when they get out of control. In such a case, you need to call Rove Pest Control for professional help and services.

However, you can also follow some out-of-the-box home solutions to keep the entry of black ants in your house in check.

An Ant infestation can be easily controlled by making use of an eco-friendly ant repellent in your house. But it works only for a few days until its smell remains intact. If you still see black ants roaming freely in your house, contact a pest control agency for help.

A non-lethal repellent emits scent, which doesn’t allow an ant to enter inside your house. So you have to use repellant prominently at all such spots that black ants can invade.

Apart from using repellents, you can also try various home solutions for help: 

Use White Vinegar-infused Solution

White vinegar and water can act as an effective ant repellent. The strong smell of vinegar continues for hours and deters ants to make their entry into a house.

You should get your floor washed with vinegar solutions at least once a week to keep ants at bay.

Keep Lemon Plants at Home

You should plant a lemon tree in your garden or pot. It will prevent the movement of ant colonies near your house plant. The smell of lemon can act as a deterrent to them and helps you keep your home garden free of black ants.

Use Essential Oils

Citrus oils work as a great substance to remove ants. These oils contain certain substances that keep black ants away from your house. You should dilute essential oils with some water and then use the solution in all vulnerable places, including holes, pipes, and damp surfaces.

Sprinkle Spices

Natural remedies such as black pepper, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and chili pepper can also help you keep your house ant-free. Just sprinkle them at places where you can see the movement of ants. Repeat the process twice a week for best results.

Cover Possible Entry Points

Get all important holes in the wall, door frames, and window gaps covered. Seal any fissure or crack that you find anywhere in your home. When all entry routes to your house are closed, ants won’t invade your residential property again.

Cut off Any Food Source to Ants

Black ants enter your house primarily in search of food. If you cut off any food source to ants, they won’t visit your house again. You should keep all your food items in air-tight containers. Also, wash all your utensils immediately after having food.

In Conclusion

You have plenty of ways to get rid of black ants without exterminating or harming them. If you notice a colony of ants nearby your home, using these home solutions can help. You can also hire professional pest control services at an affordable price.