Is your deck looking a little outdated? Or maybe you only have enough money to build the deck you’ve always wanted, but not to add all the extras?

We hear you. Getting the deck of your dreams is exciting, but it’s no secret that everything from materials to transportation to professional assistance can really add up these days! However, we don’t believe that should stop you from turning your boring backyard boards into a relaxing and satisfying hangout spot.

With a little bit of creativity, you can spruce up any deck for cheap. Read on for 8 of the best ways to make a deck better on a budget! 

Best Low-Budget Deck Ideas 

1. Build based on quality and layout, not only size.

If you haven’t built your deck yet (or you’re thinking about renovating a current one), then remember some wise words: size isn’t everything! It’s tempting to stretch your budget to its absolute limit and get the biggest, most materially advanced deck that you possibly can. But sometimes, that’s more than you need. For plenty of people, a small space for a barbecue, a couple chairs, and maybe some planters are enough to turn a yard into a welcoming refuge from everyday life.When planning out your deck, think about how much space you really If you downsize, you can use the extra money for higher-quality materials or some new decorations and furniture once it’s complete. 

2. Use creative borders, such as trellises, instead of railings.

If you’ve ever installed or painted traditional railings, you know how much effort they take – and how much they can cost these days! Reduce your burden by using a lower-cost option, like trellises or bulk pieces of sheeting. You’ll save your wallet a bit of stress and give yourself a bit more privacy in the process. 

3. Make the surroundings work for you.

Sometimes, a deck is completely fine…but it looks cramped or dark because of the surrounding décor. See if you can reorganize furniture, paint accent walls, change lighting, or otherwise spruce up adjacent areas in order to make the deck really pop to its full potential.This will depend on the exact style of your deck – for example, whether it abuts against the house or has a roof – but chances are good that there’s something you can do from the following points. 

4. Light it up with solar lanterns or low-cost string lights.

Smart lighting. Dimmer bulbs. 16 million colours. All of those things are nice, but they’re not really necessary. You can get a reasonably priced set of single or string lights and make them bring your deck to life with a bit of creative application. Even solar lights for steps, walkways, and emphasized areas are fairly affordable, and can dramatically improve the aesthetic appeal of your deck.

5. Give old furniture a new life as planters or outdoor storage.

Do you have an old dresser or night table stuffed in a back room? Put it outside and turn it into a stylish, one-of-a-kind planter that adds tons of personality to your deck or patio. Bonus points if you sand and refinish it with some colours to match the rest of the area!This could work with everything from tables and chairs to storage containers, vanities, and even old sinks and basins. Next time you’re rummaging through a closet, see if there’s anything that can find a new home just outside yours. 

6. DIY sanding and staining/painting can do wonders.

Regardless of the type of deck you have, maintaining its surface consistently is one of the most important things you can do for its longevity. Annual pressure washes and check-ups, as well as routine sanding and coatings, are fairly inexpensive and offer a good opportunity to enhance your deck space.You don’t have to buy power tools, either, if you don’t own items like a power sander or washer. Many hardware stores rent them out to homeowners. So, take a weekend and commit to refreshing the stain or paint job on your deck – it’ll look much better, and you won’t have to pay to replace it all!

7. Add some fabric and textiles for flair on/under outdoor furniture.

If you’re not comfortable with the full DIY maintenance, you can always go a more practical route with some protective coverings, like area rugs or furniture covers. Second-hand stores will often have a big selection of items like this, and since it’s being exposed to the elements, there’s no need to spend big on something you will likely replace in a year or two.

8. Add some homemade decorations and vintage items.

From thrift shops to garage sales to antique stores, there’s no shortage of unique, interesting, and “Where’d you get THAT?” items to find. With some basic supplies like sandpaper, wire brushes, and spray paint, you can easily update old paint jobs or degraded metal to shine once more.If you’re particularly adventurous, you can find or make functional items like birdfeeders, wind chimes, outdoor lanterns, and planters that really tie a space together.

 Building a Low-Budget Deck

With inflation on the rise, every cent counts when putting together or renovating a deck. If you need an expert eye and some professional advice to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck, remember the name Maritime West Construction – we’re always happy to help a local homeowner in need!