Have you heard of simple-sizing? This new trend in home buying is transforming the way many Americans search for a home. Nearly 60% of surveyed Americans say that their definition of a dream home has shifted in the past 3 years, likely in response to the pandemic and its domino effects. One of these changes has been a bent toward simple-sizing.

What is simple-sizing?

You have likely heard of downsizing, but simple-sizing takes this concept further. Simple-sizing is the process of choosing a new home that may or may not be smaller, but allows you to simplify your life. The goal of simple-sizing is freeing up some of the time, money, and stress you currently put into your home by choosing something that is lower maintenance.

This might mean choosing a home with a smaller or lower maintenance property, or perhaps it’s finding a home that is in better shape and requiring less updating and renovation. This might also translate to finding a home that just requires less upkeep in general based on its size or the building materials that were chosen.

According to Beata Mandell, High Rise Condo Expert in LA“Simple-sizing is the logical conclusion of a culture that is seeing the value of a minimalist lifestyle and a less is more approach to life. It places simple living as a top goal in the home buying search.”

What is simple living?

Simple living might have any number of definitions depending on the person. It is the general idea that simplifying one’s life will make it more enjoyable, efficient, and productive. A home that accommodates simple living might include:

  • A low maintenance garden and yard
  • A newer property or one that has been recently remodeled up to code, and by reputable contractors
  • A home that is smaller than what you are used to
  • A new location that is further away from a busy street or city center
  • A property with space to practice new, peaceful hobbies, like gardening

Why simple-sizing?

There’s a reason so many Americans are driven to simple-size in 2023. Actually, there are a few. Simple-sizing provides a long list of benefits that an increasing number of Americans are after, with a renewed value for the home environment after making a shift toward spending more time at home in this post-pandemic era.

Some of the benefits of simple-sizing include:

  • A lower-stress lifestyle
  • Saving money on housing costs
  • Making it easier to live a healthier lifestyle, by gardening, having more time for healthy and wellness goals, and lowering stress levels
  • Providing a peaceful childhood atmosphere

Is simple-sizing right for me?

If you are considering joining the simple-sizing trend in 2023, start with your “why.” When you get specific with your goal, it will be easier to reach it. Consider what you want to gain from simplifying your home and make a clear list of what your “simple-sized” home will feature.