Everyone wishes to have a good time when showering, forcing you to have the best bathroom you have always dreamt of. However, you need to remodel your bathroom in a single day. It would be best if you changed various things, for example, when looking to pull out your tub and replace it with a new shower. It will take some time for you to get it done since it needs a process. Note that shower surround kits are prefabricated panels that must be designed to enclose and protect the walls surrounding your shower. They offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for upgrading or renovating a bathroom. Note that several aspects must be considered to have that dream bathroom, you’ve always had plans for, including the following.

The Materials to be Used

It would be best to ensure that the materials used are legit, as shower surround kits must be durable. Remember that these materials should be moisture-resistant and easy when it’s time to clean them. These standard materials could include fiberglass, acrylic, composite, and PVC. Note that every material has its cost, appearance, and durability benefits.

The purpose

Ensure that you are aware of the purpose of these surround kits. Be sure first about what they are made for before having them installed. However, they are installed to create a waterproof barrier around the shower area. Installing them in your bathroom will help prevent water from seeping into the walls, which may lead to damage. They also have an essential factor to your bathroom: beauty. They enhance the bathroom’s aesthetic and offer a clean and finished appearance.

Their Style and Design

Shower surround kits are available in several designs and styles to match bathroom aesthetics. However, it mostly depends on the type of color you have in your bathroom. For instance, you may want them to resemble the color of your tiles, stone, and other materials available in your bathroom. Other kits also feature built-in shelving, soap dishes, or towel bars for extra functionality.

Its Maintenance and Cost

Maintaining these kits is relatively low as they can be well cleaned using mild household cleaners, soft cloth, or sponges. Remember to avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals. You are advised not to use them since they can damage the panel’s surface. The costs of these kits vary primarily according to the material, design, and brand. Eventually, they are more affordable when compared to many custom tile installations.

Consideration and Installation

You need to consider the size and layout of your bathroom and any particular requirements before buying a shower surround kit. You need to measure the dimensions of the shower area to ensure that the equipment you purchase will fully fit. Note that it’s also worth considering aspects like durability, ease of installation, and long-term warranty. When it comes to installing the kit, it is generally a straightforward process. Note that the panels are designed to fit together easily and are secured to the existing wall with fasteners. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for a proper seal and prevent leaks.


It is good to research the shower surround kits to compare their difference in brands and also models. It will help you find the shower surround kit that best suits your needs and budget.