If you have a gut feeling that your living room is not classic enough, then it’s time to make some changes. There might be certain elements in the interior of your living room that are causing you to feel monotonous. A few inches used improperly can make the entire space seem offbeat. The best part is, you can fix this by following simple fundamentals. However, this doesn’t imply that you have to implement the tips to transform your living room. If something is not working with your space, change it irrespective of the fundamentals. Here are certain tips that you can consider implementing in your living room if you wish to do so.

Do not block the walkways– It is one of the crucial rules to leave plenty of space for walkways to make your living room arrangement ideal. Do not induce lots of furniture just to maximize seating. Extra furniture would block the walkways. Instead, go for temporary options such as plastic chairs or multifunctional furniture to increase the seating of your living room. Experts recommend leaving at least 30 inches between two large pieces of furniture so that there is ample space for walking. This distance can be reduced to 24 inches if you have a small living room.

Make the viewing experience ideal- The craze for Netflix and chill is never-ending. You can make the most of your living room by enhancing its viewing experience. Many do not prefer a tv in their living room but adding one can make your living room a more activity-friendly space. To make your viewing experience grand, make sure to keep seven feet between the screen and the sofa. Maintaining this distance will give you an accurate arrangement to relish your favorite shows and movies.

Consider coordinating the sofas and the accent chairs- Establishing a connection between various elements of your living room would make the space look dramatic and classic. You can also place a reading chair that complements the rest of the furniture placed in the living room. If the height of different furniture varies significantly, the place doesn’t look coordinated and it might create a sense of discomfort at times. To create visual interest, make sure the vertical appeal of various elements is considered.

Maintain space between the walls and the sofa- Let the walls of your living room breathe by maintaining a gap between the sofa and the walls. If possible, place the sofa 4-5 inches away from the walls. This not only protects the walls from furniture scratches but also enhances the entire arrangement. Added to that, it eliminates the scope of furniture lining across the perimeter of the room.

Be mindful of the rug placement– Placing the rug haphazardly gives a shabby look to the space. On the other hand, a rug that has at least two front legs of each furniture item over it looks appropriate. It is recommended to go for a rug that is in proportion to the overall area of the room to avoid making it look shrunken or oversized. An ideally placed rug combines various elements of the room and gives the space a sense of connectivity.