Interior design is ever changing, with colours and styles coming in and out of fashion. With bold, loud patterns and features being a hit this year, as well as the emergence of green as a popular colour, we ask the question: what should you be avoiding and what will make your home look cheap and undesirable?

It’s an important question, especially if you are looking to sell your home in the near future as what people make of the interior of your home could make or break a successful sale. In reality, things that contribute to a property looking cheap are not necessarily a reflection of wealth as there are many budget-friendly ways to make your home look sophisticated.

In this article we have taken a look at some of the main things that will detract from this sense of sophistication, so the interior of your home can be as impressive as possible.

Inconsistent flooring

Having different styles of flooring in different rooms will make your home seem disjointed and in coherent. Tiles in the kitchen, laminate wood in the living room or even having different styles of wood flooring in different rooms is something to avoid. You should aim to be as consistent as possible. If you are looking to redesign, it will usually be cheaper to use the same style flooring throughout the same level anyway.

Avoid clutter at all costs

Regardless of how good your interior design choices have been, a home full of clutter and unnecessary items of furniture will undo all your hard work. It will be hard for people visiting to appreciate your home if much of it is blocked by piles of clutter. It’s especially important to avoid clutter near the entrance of the property as this is the first impression people will get of your home. If it’s a mess, then it will detract from the rest of the property.

You should look to get suitable storage solutions to store goods and keep your home as neat and tidy as possible.

When buying furniture to put in your home, ask yourself whether it is really needed. Too much furniture will make your property feel more cramped. You should seek to make your home feel as spacious and airy as possible.

Disproportionate furniture

Furniture that looks out of place, doesn’t fit the design of the rest of your interior or is simply too big or too small will end up making your home look cheap and give the impression that little thought was put into the overall design. Ensuring that furniture is of a matching size and style will increase the overall sense of symmetry of the space.

Don’t overdo a theme

While having an excess of a certain theme may work in a child’s bedroom, this is not something that you should be doing when designing the interior of your home.

For example, if you are passionate about nature and want to reflect this in your home, don’t have a hundred potted plants in a single room and don’t overuse botanical themes.

It is better to sporadically place items around your home to allude to your love of nature instead of shoving it in people’s faces. Subtle expressions are also a good idea as opposed to something full on like tree-based wallpaper on every wall.

Too small a rug

A rug that is too small and can only just about sit fully under a coffee table will seem out of place. When choosing a rug, make sure you take adequate measurements and ensure that it will not be touching parts of some items of furnitureand not others. A small rug can appear like it is just floating in the room and serving no real purpose, especially if it’s too small to even walk on properly.

Sterile lighting

The inside of you home could look immaculate, but when evening arrives and it comes to switching on the lights, harsh, sterile lighting can ruin the atmosphere in a room. It can make your home feel uninviting and tacky.

It is important to strike a balance between ambient mood lighting and being able to see properly. For example, a powerful high-watt bulb will usually be too bright for a bedroom, so you should carefully consider what bulbs and lights you think will work best in each room. Also think about the positioning of light fittings. You don’t want to have parts of the room light up with bright lighting and other parts dimly lit.

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