In case you are in the process of remodelling your beloved kitchen and you are not really confident which slab material you must choose, here are manifold reasons that you should go for the option of quartz slab. The point is once you know more about it, you can be convinced that it is the right option for you to invest in.

Here in this post, you would know some points that are going to get you a base to make your decision about your kitchen slabs. After all, the more you know, the more you can compare and choose better.

Easy Care & Maintenance

However, quartz countertops or slabs are perfect for homeowners who really want the look of classic beauty in the absence of the need for periodic sealing.

Perhaps one of the premium benefits of quartz countertops or slabs is that they are non-porous. This simply denotes that it’s much more challenging for liquid to absorb into the countertop and end up in that of permanent staining.

Furthermore, all that you actually need to clean your quartz countertops or slab is a paper towel, and mild soap and simply water. Although quartz is more durable than that of natural stone such as marble, you are still going to want to avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach for cleaning.

You can vouch for their durability

Talking about the durability aspect, quartz is one of the most durable and effective kitchen countertops on the market. It has been engineered to take a beating, and you won’t really have to tense about scratching. In fact, you know what quartz countertops or slabs are so durable that many manufacturers even promise you a good warranty on this material. You can get a warranty on this type of slab for even around fifteen years to twenty-five years. Yes, that is amazing! Come on, no matter how charming, beautiful or lavish a slab is, if it cannot be durable for a long period, it may be of no effectivity. So, make sure that you don’t miss out on the durability part. And quartz is something that promises durability for your kitchen slabs.

Value for your pennies

Though you can certainly find relatively inexpensive man-made slabs for countertops like laminate counters or even solid surface countertops, keep in mind that both the quality and durability is reflected in overall price. Quality quartz countertops or slabs cost about the same as that of the granite, but you’ll be getting the same appearance with maximum durability. You just check out a good quality quartz stone slab and you would know it for yourself. Choose the perfect material of quartz and pat your back for the great preference.

You can control the appearance of the slab

Once you buy granite countertops or slabs, your slab will be fully unique since it’s made of natural stone. The distinct and beauty of natural stone is even associated with the natural imperfections such as fissures, unbalanced colourfrom one corner to even the other corner of the same slab.  For some sort of variation and uniqueness is desirable.

In case you are a homeowner who is quite specific about colour consistency or uniform pattern, quartz countertops or slabs could be the finest possible choice for you. Since these slabs are manmade with ninety three percent quartz and seven percent resin and extra of colour pigments, you can have nearly total control of its appearance. So, you do wish to be in control, don’t you? 

Blend with your taste and aura

In case you aren’t searching out for the look of granite but still wish to have maintenance free countertops, you are definitely in luck with quartz. Quartz countertops or slabs can also be engineered in monochromatic shades such as red, even orange, or green. These shades are perfect for homeowners looking for a modern or somewhat contemporary kitchen design. Of course, the point is you can be definite that the slabs do blend well and perfectly with your kitchen.

The point is if you feel that you have an old house and you want to have something new yet matchable with your house then you can go for quartz and you would be amazed for sure. The options in shades and overall feel are impressive. You would find a new breath of fresh air in your kitchen.

Unique Uses of Quartz 

Explore below some of the surprising uses for quartz in your house:

Table top

You know quartz is absolutely ideal for kitchen countertops because it’s very hard and impervious to stains. However, it’s not as heat-proof as that of, say, granite. That said, such types of qualities make quartz a perfect material for table tops where you would be less likely to need heat resistance. Also, quartz is light, so you have manifold options for your table support.

Moreover, not to miss that a quartz table might go anywhere. You could make use of it as your main dining table, or you could set a smaller version up outside on any balcony. Quartz tables are also going to look attractive as end or other sort of accent tables.

Your kitchen Backsplash

Quartz is impermeable to stains because manufacturers use resins and even polymers to make the slabs. That process renders them overall nonporous. A nonporous surface is brilliant for a kitchen backsplash that is supposed to guard your walls from humidity.

Many homeowners install stone backsplashes as a continuation of kitchen countertops. So, you have a nearly seamless look of countertops and backsplashes from the same sort of material. However, you might also mix a quartz backsplash with another sort of material for the countertop.


To sum up, check out the variety of slab designs at QuantraQuartz and make a choice that complements both your kitchen and life.