Because of the frequent hurricanes that sweep through Florida, Florida laws regulate roofing. A roof can be severely damaged by strong winds or rain from a hurricane. Florida recently revised its roofing regulations law. These changes were made effective July 1, 2021 to protect against fraud in roofing insurance claims. This law changes how homeowners can file insurance claims for roofing. It also updates how roofing companies and insurance companies deal with roofing claims.

What were the changes made by Florida to the law?

These are the changes made to the new law:

  • Property insurance, supplemental insurance or reopened claims must be filed by homeowners within two years
  • A roof less than ten-years old must be fully covered by the insurance company.
  • An insurance company may reduce coverage for a roof that is more than 10 years old based on its type and age.
  • Property owners must give insurance companies 60 days notice before they file a lawsuit.
  • The fees that can be collected by an attorney who files a suit on behalf of a roofing contractor are limited.
  • Insurers can offer homeowners roof coverage up to a certain state limit.
  • Roofers cannot solicit business door-to-door.
  • Contractors cannot offer homeowners incentives.
  • Referrals are not an incentive for contractors.

What are the implications for roofing companies?

Only the way roofing contractors market their business is affected by Florida’s changes. They are no longer permitted to go door-to-door soliciting business and offer or accept incentives. For their business marketing, some roofing companies might rely on door to door solicitation. This type of sales pitch can often make homeowners wonder if the contractor is a fraud. These roofing contractors don’t solicit door-to-door sales, so any changes to the law will not affect all.

What are the effects of these changes on homeowners?

The time it takes for homeowners to file an insurance claim is limited. The homeowner has two years to file an insurance claim with their insurer. The law is designed to protect homeowners from lawsuits that could raise their insurance premiums. Insurance companies that are facing lawsuits will pass these legal costs onto their customers by increasing their insurance rates. The law changes are intended to lower homeowners’ insurance premiums. But not all agree that the law will ensure that homeowners’ premiums drop in the long-term.

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