Real estate investments are lucrative; however, one asset class has proved to be better than its peers- student housing real estate development. There were reports that while several sectors of real estate were severely hit, student housing managed to survive during economic downturns. In fact, it is resilient to recession and has been the source of regular income for property owners.

Education is always in demand, and students will take admissions to prominent colleges and universities to pursue their graduation and post-graduation degrees. They look for off-campus accommodation that caters to their needs, and this is where student housing steps in to help.

Nelson Partners –The flexibility and convenience of student housing accommodation

Nelson Partners is a credible student housing real estate development company with its headquarters located at San Clemente in California, USA.The company was established in 2018 by Patrick Nelson, a skilled professional in the real estate industry with experience of more than 14 years. The team of experts here helps owners with customized property management when it comes to student housing facilities located close to colleges and universities. They have skills and expertise when it comes to the acquisition, development, finance, and management of student housing facilities across the USA.

Flexible agreements

The rental agreements of student housing facilities are designed to keep the needs of the student in mind. Their terms and conditions are flexible and conducive to the goals of the students staying them. Even during recession and economic downturns, college admissions never stop. There is an influx of both national and international students coming to credible colleges and universities every year. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, admissions to colleges and universities did not stop. Classes were conducted online, and students were within the safety of their housing apartments studying.

Student housing accommodation is located close to the campus, mostly within walking distance. This helps the student to reach classes on time, and they do not need to waste money on transportation. Since colleges and universities are located at prominent spots of the city, the value of the property increases every year. This is good news for property owners as if they want to sell the property after some years; they will get good returns on investment.

Stable income

Students are long-term tenants. The duration of their courses spans from two to five years on average. According to the experts of Nelson Partners, student housing property owners will get their rent for the whole time the student stays in college or university. The occupancy rates of the property will never go down to zero. As if some students complete their course and leave, the rest remain.

The biggest advantage of student housing is that parent guarantors back them, so property owners do not have to worry about late payments of rent or default. Studies have, however, proved that students are responsible when it comes to paying their rent on time. They are more focused on their indoor environment so that they can study well and get good grades.