2022 was an incredible year for the entire HVAC industry, and heating and air conditioning companies have experienced all sorts of ups and downs in recent years.

Every property owner knows just how important their HVAC team is to their year round comfort, and more and more people are turning towards industry pros when it comes to installing smart technology and making necessary efficiency adjustments.

Americans all across the country are taking their carbon footprints more seriously, and the HVAC industry is here to help people reduce their footprints and make life a lot more comfortable!

Below are some of the latest 2023 trends permeating throughout the HVAC industry:

Increased Demand For Air Filters  

The COVID pandemic put air filters into people’s minds in a whole new way, and businesses and residential homes are now investing heavily into top-quality air filters to ensure safe air circulation.

Air filters are known for providing protection against harmful viruses and bacteria, and the HVAC industry will continue to install massive amounts of air filters throughout 2023.

New Industry Technology & Tax Credits  

Energy efficient products are helping homeowners everywhere when it comes to receiving tax credits. There are all sorts of programs out there that’ll actually provide you with significant percentages back on your HVAC investments, and all of this is oriented towards saving the environment.

And for homeowners who simply need a new HVAC system, this type of tax credit is not something to be ignored. So now being environmentally conscious can end up helping you save on your budget spending as well.

Significant HVAC Industry Growth  

Another big trend for the HVAC industry in 2023 is basic growth on a broad scale for a lot of companies across America. There’s simply no denying just how booming the industry is this year, and it’s likely that many HVAC companies will expand and bring on more employees this year due to just how busy they’ll be.

And as the HVAC industry continues to grow and provide well-paying jobs, the more we’ll see Millennials and Gen Z jumping into this type of trade work. This is of course a huge step for the entire industry’s long-term sustainability!

A Return To Old-Fashioned Customer Service

Tons of HVAC businesses have invested heavily in chatbots and other forms of digital communication to better serve their customers, but of course the overarching review of digital customer service isn’t that great. People simply want to talk to knowledgeable people online or via calls, and nothing quite beats getting your specific needs addressed by a real human in these increasingly digital days!

So as many HVAC businesses do continue to incorporate digital techniques, there will also be an equally large move towards the good old days of having people ready to answer calls and online requests as they come in!

Digital Household Zoning  

Household zoning is another incredible trend to come out of the HVAC industry, and its main purpose is to redirect airflow throughout a home’s system to cool down or heat up unoccupied spaces/rooms.

This type of innovation is going to go a really long way when it comes to helping people save their money and utility costs!

Reach Out To Your Local Heating And Air Conditioning Experts When You’re In Need of Specialized Services!  

2023 is going to be a huge year for the entire HVAC industry, and this is a great time for homeowners to start preparing for the spring rush when everyone wants these types of home services.

Get in touch with your heating and air conditioning pros soon so you can get seasonal inspections scheduled right when you want them to be!