Are you thinking of changing the color of your walls? While you will likely think of painting first, wallpapers can also deliver excellent results. Besides, wallpapers provide a perfect option for walls that are not meant to be painted like bathroom walls. Nevertheless, most homeowners primarily use wallpapers for decoration purposes. Since there are numerous types of wallpapers, selecting the one appropriate for your house is crucial. Check out what you need to know about wallpapers and murals.

What is a Wall Mural?

A wall mural involves a vast image printed over several mural panels. Usually, wall murals are available in two types, including one that is provided pre-pasted and hence does not require any extra paste to set it. The other type includes the one which can be applied to a wall using a roller or a brush.

Wall murals present a creative way of establishing an eye-catching focal point in your space. Most mural dealers like Marmalade Art will help their clients plan their murals. This enables them to offer murals patterns that align with your home’s color theme. Does your wall have blemishes that might cost you a lot to renovate? Worry no more, as wall murals can provide a great alternative to these stains and scratches. You can set them at places having dents to hide them and give them a better look. Thus, your wall will look good without having to break the bank.

Wall murals are available in different designs, such as world map wallpaper murals.

What is a Wallpaper?

In simple terms, wallpaper means a seamless repeat pattern. They are designed and crafted with a paste that allows them to stick to the wall. Wallpapers are presented numerous ways and usually come in rolls about two feet wide. If you are doing it yourself, you must utilize precision wallpaper scissors to separate each removable wallpaper pattern. These scissors will allow you to cut the wallpaper into patterns as required.

After cutting the wallpaper, you should peel the wallpaper paste and apply murals. After that, the wallpaper will be ready to be attached to the wall. Wallpapers are presented in various categories, including gaming, floral, and nature wallpaper. You can utilize nursery wallpaper for your little ones at home to provide entertaining and educative information.

How Do I Fix the Wallpapers or Murals?

Primarily, wallpapers are cut to fit the specific area they are being applied to. Therefore, you will need to measure the size of your wall before putting up the wallpapers. Wallpapers are perfect for placing over smooth walls. However, various wallpapers are available; thus, you can always select the one ideal for your wall.

On the other hand, wall murals involve large sheets of pre-printed paper. Therefore, they can be easily attached to any smooth or flat surface. Unlike wallpapers, wall murals do not necessarily need pre-measurement since they are just hung on the wall. Also, they do not have to cover an entire wall area.

It is best to seek professional advice to choose the appropriate wallpaper or mural.