Just a few years ago, if you wanted to sell or buy a house, UK residents had one option – consult with an estate agent. It was a time-consuming process and costly too. After all, estate agents typically get a 3 – 5 percent commission for their services! Fast forward to 2022, and things are slowly changing in the UK real estate market. Today we have agencies like Good Move.co.uk that are willing to buy a house UK homeowners are selling for cash with no hassles. Best of all, there are no commission fees involved. Think it’s too good to be true? For home sellers, it’s really not. The process is a fairly simple one.

Understanding How Cash Buyers Work

If you are considering selling your home, you need to know a little about how Good Move operates. We buy properties across the UK with cash and no hassles. There are no gimmicks, no sales boards plastered all over your property, no viewings, and no ads in local papers. Instead, it’s just us. We’re your buyer.

Good Move buys the property as long as the real estate is located in the United Kingdom. If we love your home, we make an offer. You accept it, and the deal is closed. We even cover all of the legal fees involved.

A Step by Step Look at the Good Move Process

If you are planning to sell your home, you can register online with Good Move on their web page or call them via phone. You need to provide your postcode. Once Good Move receives the relevant information, we will utilise our valuation software to assess the real value of your property in the current market.

In the majority of cases, within 24 hours of receiving details about your home, Good Move will phone you to discuss an offer on your home. During this phone call, you are at liberty to ask any questions that you want including how you will be paid, how long will the deal take to close, when you want to vacate the home, and what other needs do you have?

Once we have an idea about your needs and wants, we’ll provide you with a written offer- which is always subject to appraisal. Once both sides accept the offer, we will then organise at least 2 RICS-qualified surveyors to assess your home. RICS is the leading professional body in the UK that assess qualifications and standards in property land, construction, and infrastructure. Don’t worry, though. The fees for the RICS surveyors will be paid by Good Move.

Once your home has been evaluated, you will be sent feedback on what the surveyors found. A final offer will be made based on the findings of the surveyors. After you receive a final offer, you decide to accept or decline it. If you accept the offer, the next step is to visit a solicitor (which is also paid for by Good Move) of your choice to ensure that the deal is valid and bona fide.

A Quick Look at the Timeline

In general, agencies that offer cash for your home usually have a fast process in place. From the time you contact them to the sale of your home may only take a few weeks- this is a lot faster than making a deal with a real estate agent that can take months to sell your home. Good Move works the same way. Within just a few weeks, you could have the sale of your home fully completed!

A Fast Process Many Love

At Good Move, we’re willing to buy a house UK homeowners are selling quickly for cash. This may seem like a novel concept, but the reality is that it offers several benefits to homeowners who just want to sell their properties quickly. No middle man, no commission fees, no added issues. We pay for the inspection and the solicitor, speeding things up and making them easier for you. Ready to get started and get your house sold as quickly as possible? Fill out the form on our website or give us a call today to learn more about how to make it happen!