As more people look to live sociable and independent lives, the notion of city living has become increasingly popular. Multiple studies have shown that nowadays, people who are under the age of 30 are constantly trying to move out into the city center, whether that be for work purposes or because they want to engage with the social aspect of living in the city and indulge in the nightlife. Living centrally in the city allows people to have an easier commute to work, instead of worrying how they are going to get to various places for work. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on things you should know before buying an apartment in the city center.

How Long is Left on Your Lease:

Before you sign any lease, it’s a good idea to ask about the length of the lease, and specifically how long is left on it. Typically, most apartments are leasehold, so it’s important that you know what exactly you’re legally entitled to when you are choosing to live there.

What Comes with the Property:

Sometimes, although we are renting a property, we actually don’t have access to the same amenities across all properties. Therefore, it’s vital to ask what actually comes with your property. You may need to ask your landlord where certain things are if you don’t seem to have access to them- such as a washing machine. Additionally, it’s also a good idea to raise this in the price of your rent if you don’t seem to have access to these amenities.

Understand all the Fees Involved:

Before you rent any property, it’s vital that you understand all the fees that are going to be involved. It’s always a good idea to write down any fees that you are going to be expected to pay, which includes things such as:

  • How many weeks are you required to pay rent for, and on what days is it due.
  • What are the fees for referencing- and does this change per person?
  • Are there any further costs which can be expected as the tenancy goesdeeper? Such as any exit fees or renewal costs?

Who Lived There Before and Why Are They Leaving?

It’s a good idea to ask who lived at the property before you did and why they decided to move out. Think of this less as a reason to snoop and be nosey, but more that it will give you a valuable insight into the property and the current tenants themselves. If the tenants have lived there for a long time, then this suggests that the place is not only affordable,and the landlord was good to them. However, if there has been lots of short-term tenancies, this may suggest that the current tenants had an unpleasant experience with the current landlord or tenancy agreement.

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