If you’re a sports enthusiast, or your kids are, you probably have a lot of sporting equipment lying around. Bats, balls of all sizes, gloves, pucks, helmets, and the list goes on and on. There is so much to store that your garage might be overwhelmed. This isn’t good because items can get lost, or damaged, or you may end up buying duplicates.

Weather is your Enemy

This is no joke. Exposure to the elements will quickly degrade if not DESTROY your sporting equipment. Snow, water, and even humidity can crack or ruin the material. The heat and cold can deflate balls, ruin the outside of items, and much more. You don’t want to lose any of your favorite items from your favorite sporting equipment suppliers like Lizardskins.com. You want your items to stay strong until they wear out from use.

Things to do Before Storing Items Away

There are a few standard things you need to do for all sporting equipment when it’s being stored away. We all love enjoying our sporting equipment, but it’s important to do a few things once you’re done using each piece.

  • As we talked about, don’t ever leave items outside. You might forget about items, and they can get ruined before you remember them again.
  • Check to make sure you have everything before you leave sporting practices (items can get lost, stolen, or left out in the elements.
  • Make sure items are clean.
  • Dry everything completely before storing.
  • Read the instructions on each item carefully. There might be storage instructions included!

This might seem like a lot of extra work, but it’s 100% worth it! You’ll be so much happier when your items are well taken care of and last for years.

Varying Things to Note About Different Equipment

Did you know that there are storage options between the types of sporting goods you are storing? It’s true! For example, if you play baseball you might actually keep a ball inside your baseball mitt to keep the ideal shape of the glove. Perhaps you want to keep your batting gloves from drying out, so you store them in Tupperware. Some equipment is not as high maintenance. For example, a soccer ball can take quite a beating before it has issues. It mainly just needs to be stored inside and pumped up on occasion. It’s mainly just important to note that some items need more TLC than others when it comes to care and storage.

Great Places to Store Sporting Equipment

Where’s the ideal place to store all of this, though? We have a few ideas. Some people just have a bin in the garage they throw everything in. Others keep everything in a shed or a deck box. This allows you to save space and keep things a little more organized. So, as you get home from practices or games, you can dry everything off and simply put it away. You won’t be tripping over it or trying to not run over it with your car.

 When you need the equipment again, it’s really close by and you know exactly where it is. One of the best brands for sheds and storage boxes is Keter. All of Keter’s products are weather-resistant, sturdy, and a great place to store everything from sporting equipment to yard supplies!