Just because your room is small does not mean you should not decorate it. You can incorporate several design tricks into your décor to make good use of every inch of the room. Small rooms are cozy and cute. However, you require a lot of creativity to make it look good and not cluttered. There are various ways of opening the space to make it feel and look bigger. Here are genius changes you can make to make the small room feel and look bigger.

1. Don’t Pull Furniture to the Wall

It can be tempting to pull furniture to the wall to maximize the space in the middle. However, leaving a lot of space in the middle will not make any difference. So, rethink the layout by pulling some pieces on the wall and others off the wall. The space between the furniture and the wall creates an illusion of space. It can be a good idea to bring the pieces close together.

2. Use Mirrors

Using mirrors is an old trick of making a small room look big. Besides reflecting the light in the small room, mirrors create an illusion of a bigger space through the reflection. The bigger the mirror, the better the results. However, you must make sure you choose the right mirror. Go to MirrorMate to pick the mirror’s frame, size, and shape.

3. Choose Color Wisely

We also advise being wise with the colors you use. Painting the walls white reflects light and creates a spatial illusion. So, choose neutral colors for a fresh and bright look. The most important thing is choosing a bright color that will emphasize the size of the objects in the room. Limiting how you use the colors to avoid breaking the pattern and visual distractions will be a good idea. It can also be a good idea to use the same color for the floors and ceiling as the walls.

4. Let There be Light

Make sure the small room is getting a lot of light. Please remove the heavy and dark curtains and replace them with light and bright shades. If you don’t have a problem with privacy, you can use treatment-less windows. For your artificial light, do more than the ceiling light. Any parts of the room with shadows make the room look smaller. So, add light to the ceiling lights with table lamps and floor lights to make the place look big and warm.

5. Pick the Right Furniture

Choosing small pieces for your small room can make it look cluttered. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to choose bigger pieces but not too big. When the pieces look big, the room will automatically look bigger. You can also invest in furniture pieces that trick the eye. For instance, buy furniture with legs to make the eye think there is more space under than it seems.

Final Words!

Not everyone is blessed with huge rooms. However, there are genius ways like the ones discussed here of making small rooms look bigger. Use mirrors to trick the eye, and choose your furniture wisely. Use the same color and let in ample light. This is how you create an illusion of a larger space.