The bedroom is the most intimate space in any home. It’s where we go to unwind and relax, both by ourselves and with our loved ones. We put our best effort into decorating the rest of our homes, but sometimes neglect our bedrooms, figuring that they are simply there to house the most important person in our lives – you! Make your bedroom into the sanctuary it deserves to be with these top 5 paintings for your bedroom. Each of these pieces will enhance the beauty of your bedroom and bring your imagination to life.

Abstract Painting

The right abstract paintings can add style and color to any room of your home. Whether you’re looking for a piece that matches an existing space or one that makes a bold statement, it’s easy to find something online. In fact, we guarantee that you’ll fall in love with the modern collection of abstract art in the market. These paintings are not meant to depict any specific idea but it’s a random presentation of any thought. The unique creation of this artwork makes it one of the best home decor articles for a private bedroom. It shows your creative personality and liking for artwork.

Landscape Painting

Landscape painting is a painting which depicts its subject in an outdoor setting. There are many different styles of landscape paintings; these include Italianate landscapes of rivers, mountains, and trees inspired by nature. You can also see romantic landscapes with creative rocks or ruins to symbolize feelings about nature, and fanciful landscapes that depict unbelievable scenes that are typical in daydreams. For your bedroom decor, you can go for a romantic landscape painting to induce some good vibes in the room. It will make sure that you and your partner spend some quality time in your private space and enjoy that positive and romantic aura after a hectic day.

Vincent Van Gogh Paintings

The paintings from this famous post-impressionist artist can become your next favourite for bedroom decor owing to the bold colors, random beauty, and emotional creativity. It is a great fact that he created 2100 art pieces in just 10 years. Most of his best-known pieces were painted in France, such as Starry Night (1889), Sunflowers (1888) and Irises (1890). All his paintings are simply awesome for Bedroom decor so think no more and check out his painting collection online.

Gond Paintings

The Gond are an indigenous tribe of India. In every village there is at least one family who are artists and they create beautiful, colorful landscape paintings on canvas with either cotton or jute threads. They paint tiny human figures going about their daily lives in a detailed manner; they portray nature wonderfully, complete with flowers and trees. These charming traditional works of art take several weeks to finish and can be brought to life in any room – including your bedroom! Many who collect gond paintings buy it online through various websites selling these unique pieces. The colors used are derived from natural dyes that are extracted from leaves, roots and other plants.

Floral Painting

A warm and welcoming painting can make all the difference in your bedroom. When selecting floral paintings for your bedroom, it’s important to think about how many colors will be present; generally, anything more than five or six colors is overwhelming. Try sticking with three colors or less and incorporating other elements such as floral patterns to pull together a cohesive display of art. Consider a floral painting in bright pastels as well as bolder options like oranges and blues if you want to paint a vibrant scene.

Final Words

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading these top five suggestions for bedroom paintings. Whether it’s an abstract painting, landscape painting, floral paintings, or any other style, you can buy paintings online at a competitive price. If you’re looking to add that extra special something to your  bedroom, try these original and exclusive artwork today!