Artcoustic Speakers What You Need to Know

If you love going to the cinema, why not bring the fun of the big screen to your home? With the right products and imagination, you can create the perfect space for Netflix binges or movie nights with friends and relatives. A home cinema installer will walk you through the process and help with everything from sound insulation and lighting to projection quality and surround sound. You’ll also be welcomed to the world of Artcoustic speakers. So here’s everything you need to know about the Artcoustic speaker range.

Unparalleled Quality

One of the best things about going to the cinema is the surround sound. Whether it’s heavy gunfire, planes flying overhead or people calling in different directions, the position of the speakers makes the movie as realistic as possible. So how can you recreate this in a home setting? With Artcoustic speakers, you can enjoy unparalleled sound quality that’ll make it feel like you’ve stepped foot inside a commercial cinema. A home cinema specialist in Kent can introduce each Artcoustic speaker at different heights for the ultimate surround sound experience.

Enhanced Performance

Artcoustic speakers are designed to deliver the best sound quality and there are ways to enhance the performance further. Artcoustic soundbars, for example, are compatible with products such as the 2.1 Dolby Atmos system and provide a richer, crisper dialogue and a bolder base. To elevate your viewing experience further, add a subwoofer to your setup. This offers a bolder bass and helps other speakers to deliver a more mid-range sound. Artcoustic’s Sub Series is the brand’s most powerful range. It starts with the small Sub Z option and extends to the large Sub 4. The subwoofer you opt for will depend on the size of your room and your sound preferences.

Rear Speakers

An Artcoustic setup wouldn’t be complete without two rear speakers. With noise coming from behind you’ll be fully immersed in whatever you’re watching. Acoustic’s Spitfire range of speakers is perfect for cinema rooms, thanks to their slimline profile. The Spitfire A4 and A6 models are recommended for home cinema use.

Look as Good as They Sound

Artcoustic speakers aren’t like other speakers on the market. In fact, they’re designed to look as good as they sound, with the overall appearance of each speaker being hugely important to the Artcoustic identity. They provide a canvas like no other, allowing you to adapt each speaker to suit your preferences or interior decor. Customisable loudspeakers come in black or white as standard but can be personalised in a wide range of colours or printed artworks.

Artcoustic speakers are easy to install and are the perfect addition to any multimedia or home cinema room. Why not take the plunge today and invest in your very own Artcoustic setup?