We all know that the AC unit’s primary job is to make people’s homes cooler. If individuals ever notice that their system is no longer blowing cool air, there is a good chance that there is something wrong with the device. Clogged filters, incorrect thermostat settings, leaking refrigerant, issues with the condenser, evaporator coil, as well as blocked registers – all these problems can make the AC system stops blowing chilly air. Window-type ACs can get clogged with debris and dust, so it should be one of the first things people should check.

How do people know if their cooling unit is not working properly?

If the AC is the correct size of the property, then it should take the device around fifteen to twenty minutes to start cooling the entire space. Just bear in mind that if the day is pretty hot or if the property owner has decided to pick a very low setting, then there is a good chance that it will take the unit a bit longer to cool the space.

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Cooling a property that had time to get pretty hot will take a lot longer. On average, a central cooling system will take around three hours to cool a standard four-bedroom property by ten degrees Fahrenheit. If people want to test their system’s cooling ability, they need to follow these simple steps.

  • Replace filters and remove the covers of the vents that are going to be tested
  • Figure out where the return and supply ducts are (when individuals place a tissue over the return duct, there is a good chance it will get sucked into it)
  • Turn the AC on (set the thermostat a couple of degrees below the room’s current temperature). Let it run for at least ten minutes, and record the room temperature. Do the same with the return ducts
  • Calculate the difference between the room temperatures – it needs to be at least twenty degrees. If it is not, then the system is not working properly, and there’s something wrong with the unit

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How to fix the unit that is not blowing chilly air?

  • Check and reset the unit’s thermostat
  • Replace the old filter
  • Clear the AC’s condensation drain; if it is clogged – locate the end of the line, as well as carefully clear out the clog with narrow items
  • Check the unit’s ductwork – seal gaps and refit the end of loose joints
  • Clean the area around the outdoor unit’s condense – ensure that there’s nothing on top of the device and keep the area around it clean – at least two feet in all directions
  • Clean the unit’s coils – if people do not feel comfortable performing these types of tasks, they need to make sure to call a reputable Heating, Ventilation, and AC professional

Common reasons why the unit is not blowing working properly

Thermostat problems

People need to ensure that their thermostat is set to cool. If it is set to fan, the device will not be cooling the room. Bear in mind that for this thing to send signals to the unit, the room temp needs to rise above the device controller setting. Until then, it will not be cooling. 

Dirty filters

Clogged filters can affect the duct’s flow. If there is not enough conditioned air entering the device, the coils will not be able to work as effectively and efficiently. Because of this, the house will not be able to get enough cool air, even though the device is running. There is a good chance that the system is already overworked at this point. 

Blocked registers

If the return registers are blocked or clogged, the unit will not be receiving enough cool air. If supply vents are obstructed, they will not be able to supply the house with cool and conditioned air. Property owners need to make sure that nothing in the house is blocking the vents; they need to check the ductwork for leaks and take vent covers off to have a closer look at the vent ducts – people might see some debris. 

Problems with condenser or evaporator coils

Coils can also get dirty or freeze up. These things are prone to issues with mildew, mild and it can wear out parts in the long run. The same can happen to condensers. AS coils and condensers are the parts that handle refrigerants and make them properly move, any issue related to these things can cause a lack of cool air.