In recent years, laminate flooring has become very popular. Manufacturers of this type of flooring constantly develop innovations to make laminates more practical and appealing. These technical innovations have created a new generation laminate with superior qualities including exceptional colour and texture options.

Not only is laminate flooring available in an amazing range of styles and colours, it has advantages over other types of flooring, and can be budget-friendly too.

Unsure of what “laminate flooring” may be? Basically, this material is manufactured with several layers, bonded together.

Each layer of the laminate has a specific purpose. For example, the top layer is transparent and made tough to be highly resistant to wear, and designed to protect the printed layer beneath. Bottom layers may include materials such as melamine resin which help with the floor’s stability, as well as its moisture, sun and heat resistance.

But what advantages does laminate flooring have over other materials, such as wood, or concrete?

The many advantages of laminate flooring begin with easy installation

Laminate flooring has many advantages, beginning with its easy installation: it uses a type of tongue and groove system, so that the laminate boards fit together tightly.

Although laminate flooring has been looked on as an affordable substitute for hardwood or tiles, today’s laminates are chosen for themselves. They have all the advantages of more expensive flooring, but laminates have fewer of the drawbacks. Laminate has less potential to warp than timber flooring, for example.

Your laminate flooring can easily match other natural kinds of flooring material in appearance too. In timber flooring for example, the colour you want might be unavailable, or prohibitively expensive. Laminate makes a perfect substitute.

Since many people choose laminate flooring for its colours and beauty, what are the trending laminate floor colours for Australia in 2023? And how should you choose the best colours for your home?

Let’s begin with how to choose, then look at trending colours.

How to choose laminate colours for your flooring

Everyone has a favoured look or style, and the colours you choose are no less a personal preference. However, laminate floors are long-lasting. If you’re thinking that you’ll want to move home in the next few years, keep potential buyers in mind.

Your considerations may include:

  • The décor you’ve chosen. If you’ve chosen a coastal décor, you might consider light neutral greys, to match the pastel shades of your walls and furniture.
  • Space. Want your rooms to look larger? Choose lighter shades of laminate flooring. Dark colours can make rooms look smaller.

The main trending laminate floor colours of 2023

The three colours of 2023 which are trending: neutral greys, dark browns, and honey. Nature inspired looks in timber and stone are always popular.

Perfect neutral greys: Scandi-inspired

Scandinavian styles remain popular, making pale grey laminates the leaders in fashionable flooring—and trending in 2023.

Greys are neutral, giving you free rein in the colours you choose for your walls and for styles of furniture, but they always look wonderful.

Grey is the perfect complement to coastal and Hamptons-style décor, and looks amazing in any room, including kitchens and bathrooms.

A big benefit of any light coloured flooring is that it makes rooms look larger and more expansive: ideal if you live in an older home. Consider extending your chosen grey through several rooms.

Greys to consider include:

  • Kolora Oak from Plantino’s Fraser range. Grey, shading from light to dark, with a visible wood grain, is bathroom-friendly, with a rustic feel.

Daydream Oak,from Aquaplank’s Whitsundays range. A super-pale grey. In some lights, it appears to have a bluish tinge. If you love greys, you need to see this shade.

2. Go dark with traditional dark brown shades: cozy and welcoming

Also trendy aredark brown shades, for a cozier, friendlier look. Welcoming dark brown shades are available in oak-style laminate flooring, as well as in styles manufactured to resemble native Australian timber floorings.

Dark brown colours suit heritage-style homes, whether you’re living in an older home, or your home’s design is modeled on heritage homes.

Love the rough, industrial look? If you’ve chosen an industrial décor, then rich, dark shades of brown will complement it beautifully. They make a real statement, and unless you choose to tell visitors you have laminate flooring, they’re likely to mistake your laminates for real wood.

Dark browns you may consider include:

 Clifford Oak, from Plantino’s Fraser range. A realistic wood grain, primarily dark, but also including shades of grey.

Tooma Oak, from Plantino’s Noosa range. Dark warm brown, but also including shades of dark grey, with a visible wood grain. This shade is sure to attract attention.

3. Honey: sunlight colours to brighten your home

Love the warmth of honey? These sunlit shades suit any décor.

Glowing honey colours include:

Tullulah Oak, from Plantino’s Fraser range. A light honey yellow shade, resembling real oak, with a delicate grain.

 Kindra Spotted Gum, from Plantino’s Noosa range. Warm, rich honey, an unusual yellow, including warm shades of pale red, and grey. This unusual honey would suit any décor.

Choose Australian native timbers in light and dark shades

Love the shades of the Australia landscape? Consider laminate flooring in timbers like spotted gum. Australian timber laminates will suit any décor, and will look great for many years to come.

Spoiled for choice?

The best colour of laminate flooring is the colour you love. Visit your local retailer to see the latest colours today.