The sun overflows from the clouds… and the desire to design the floor of your terrace is felt. But what to choose as a coating? Between aesthetics, price and technical performance, it’s not always easy to navigate. Tiles, natural stone, wood or even synthetic grass… for you, we have made a tour of the possibilities, from the best known to the most surprising. Assorted each of their advantages and disadvantages, here are 10 siding ideas for your patio.

The tiling. To many, it seems obvious when the time comes to make or redo your patio floor. And for good reason ! Practical in terms of maintenance , it also offers an infinity of aesthetic possibilities : if it allows you to play as you want with shapes, sizes, colors and patterns, it also imitates wood, stone, slate or concrete to perfection, without inflicting any on you. the inconvenients. Be careful, however, to choose it well suited to its environment : we will see it from inside the house and it should not swear either with the possible gravel of a driveway … and exit the tiles that are too dark, that quickly burn bare feet in summer. The barbecue… it’s a little further!

If the price remains of course a criterion of choice (from 15 to more than 100 € / m 2 ), however, be careful not to rush, head down and credit card unsheathed, on the first prices! In fact, it is unthinkable to invest in a tile without considering its technical characteristics: resistant (to frost, rain, shocks, wear, etc.), it must also be reassuring. To avoid gliding flights – especially for your children who will love to run there! – do not forget to check its non-slip finish

The top? Porcelain stoneware … Perfectly suited to strong variations in temperature, withstanding shocks well and wearing out little, its color is known to be unalterable and it is not afraid of stains. Interesting for a terrace floor!