New solar inventions are constantly in the news within the technology industry. Cool and constantly-evolving solar technology is why many homeowners are drawn to solar panels. We can’t blame them. Solar monitoring can give you cool insight into how much electricity your home produces and uses when you have solar panels installed. Society is always looking for new ways to harness the sun.

Solar Skins

Solar Skins give solar panels a new look. The “skin”, which can be customized to display a graphic on your panels, is completely customizable. Solar Skins add personality to your solar panels and increase curb appeal. This technology is light-filtered and can save up to 99% of the energy generated.

Thermoradiative Diode

Thermoradiative diodes work in the reverse of a solar cell. It converts the Earth’s thermal energy into electricity by harnessing it. Although this concept is still in its early stages, it could be a great breakthrough in the way we generate electricity.

Solar Wall Panels

Although this solar invention is known by many names, the basic concept remains the same. You might be familiar with solar wall panels being called “solar cladding” and “adaptive solar fa├žade”, these are great terms to describe solar panels as exterior building materials.

Solar Air Conditioner

A solar air conditioner is a new way to beat the heat. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, more than half of homes’ energy consumption is for heating and cooling. Solar air conditioners can reduce your carbon footprint and take down the largest energy consumers in your home.

Water Producing Solar Panels

The Hydro Panels, which produce water from solar panels, are made of two renewable sources of power. These panels can be used completely off-grid. These panels absorb air and turn it into water. They also add minerals to make the water drinkable. This solar invention was designed to increase water access in dry climates.

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