According to Mark Roemer Oakland, going out for dinner can be a treat. However, it is expensive. When inflation, geopolitics, and all kinds of other factors are hiking the menu prices and delivery fees, it’s best to cook delicious meals at home. Let’s check out essential kitchen spices every renter needs right now.

The Spices

1. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne paper is the way to go if you like your food hot. The red powder is made from dried chilies that are ground to dust. You can use this spice in all sorts of cuisines including Southern, Mexican, Cajun, and Indian. You don’t need to store a lot of it either. Just a little bit goes a long way.

2. Black peppercorns

Black pepper is the most common and popular spice in the world. You’ll find it in savory dishes of every cuisine throughout the world. Instead of storing ground black pepper, stock your kitchen with a large jar of whole black peppercorns. This way, you can grind fresh black pepper whenever you need, and the quality is very discernable in everything from steaks to salads. Whole peppercorns stay fresh and last much longer on the shelf and taste way better than pre-grinded black pepper.

3. Cinnamon

If a decent fraction of the time you spend in the kitchen is dedicated to baking, you must store cinnamon on your spice shelf. Apart from being widely used in baking, cinnamon can also be added to savory and flavorful dishes. Similar to black peppercorns, store whole cinnamon sticks instead of buying pre-ground cinnamon powder. They will last you for a longer time and grating them with a spice grater adds a distinct kick to the dish. You can also add more depth and dimension to beverages like tea and coffee with cinnamon.

4. Granulated garlic

While fresh garlic has its place, granulated garlic is more widely used in different types of dishes. You can infuse it in curries, broths, and sauces or add it to the spice rub for your steak. Apart from being delicious and nutritious, garlic also helps to improve your cholesterol levels and bring down your blood pressure.

5. Ground ginger

Ginger is a root crop similar to garlic and fresh ginger is often used in various types of dishes. However, it’s strong and may not be suitable everywhere. That’s where ground ginger comes in. Ground ginger made from dried ginger root has a very complex flavor profile that allows you to add it everywhere from steaks and pizza to curries and bread. Just sprinkling a bit of ginger powder to your stir-fried veggies will enhance their flavor profile by a great margin. It is also potent at clearing sinuses.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you store these spices in your arsenal so that you can cook a wide range of cuisines anytime you want. The above-mentioned spices are frequently used in all sorts of dishes and are worth stocking in your kitchen.