What beauty do you see around? What wide varieties of life and lifelessness? Had it all been possible without a change? We highly doubt it! The diversity is because evolution is. Time keeps on taking shifts and changes happen. Similarly, styles in architecture keep on changing too. And the latest trend that is surfacing around in architecture is Minimalism. There are architects in India that are experts in it https://radvi.com/in/real-estate-services/best-luxury-villas-houses-homes-builders-and-architects-in-india/. But one must also know how to do it by self.

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How to have luxury in a minimalist lifestyle?

Many people think that luxury is all about gathering the costliest things in abundance and then throwing them around in the house. No! Luxury is never about money. It is about experiencing the grace and comfort of life! You can even have luxury singing to you in a minimal architectural design. So, how to make it happen?

The true meaning of minimalism!

Minimalism is not about living in hunger and in single clothing throughout the year. It is about not consuming what is of no use to you. Minimalism is about being conscious about what you consume and live on. It could be food, clothing, furniture, jewelry, food, or even thoughts. You can buy a single painting for a billion-dollar and still be called minimalistic.

Minimalism is gaining trend lately in the western world due to many reasons. One reason being the demand of time, and the other being for-the-sake-of-change alone. However, in the east, it has been around for so many years. Japanese culture has this lifestyle as an integral part of daily ongoings. It has taken its inspiration from Zen Philosophy. In India, too, minimalism has been cultivated for centuries. Buddhism has been promoting minimalism since its very origin.

Your journey of weaving minimalism and luxury together!

So, now it comes to how you can have minimalism and luxury go together. The very first step is to know what minimalism will have to offer you. Where materialism gives people a sense of excitement and further craving, minimalism instills in one a sense of spiritualism. Because you have fewer things around you, you will have more time to connect with them at a deeper level. This will share you as a person more towards wisdom and maturity.

Furthermore, you will see empathy and acceptance being a part of your very nature. Minimalism has been proven to provide more satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment. So, how to do it?

Plan and Prioritize!

There are two things that play a part here. If you are buying a new home or you already have a villa that you need to reform. If you are planning to buy a new villa with minimalistic architectural design then we suggest you find an experience architecture in this field – https://radvi.com/in/real-estate-services/best-luxury-villas-houses-homes-builders-and-architects-in-india/ . An experienced real estate company can make your home speak blissfully to you and those around you.

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If you are planning to do it by yourself, then you have to start it from planning.

Minimalism, if done well, can make your house stand out exceptionally. You first need to prioritize what you need the most. When it comes to survival, humans can survive at even one meal a day. But we are not talking about minimal survival here. We are talking about a sublime blend of luxury and minimalism.

Carve out the thing that you use very rarely. For example, there could be a piece of furniture that you use once or twice a month, and that too for the sake of using it. Find if you can do that activity using another piece of furniture.

Furthermore, there could be abundant paintings hanging on the wall and lying dead in the storeroom. You might want to see if you can sell them off. If they are costly, find an agent who would be able to help you sell those off in an auction to an exhibition.


Now, once you have prioritized what you need and what you need to get rid of, it is time for the next step. You need to either sell the excess item or donate it somewhere.

When it comes to clothing, we always suggest people to donate them off as alms to those in need. You can find an NGO and ask the head to help you with this. Or you can ask your servants, if there are any, to help you out regarding the same.

Furniture is something that could be a costly affair. If you think that a piece of furniture is costly and you can sell it off, find a buyer. You can consult a Real Estate agent if they provide services such as these – https://radvi.com/in/real-estate-services/best-land-property-consultants-in-india/ . If you think that donating is the perfect option, then look if there is someone in your knowledge who can use it.

Reforming the overall look!

Luxury with minimalism takes shape when you know how to put things where they belong. Interior designers make use of various fundamentals that work on various aspects. They take care of color, shape, form, light, feel, psychology, etc. to give a home the perfect personality. Read books on minimalistic designing and see what you can do around.

When it comes to painting, do not go for too many colors. A minimal home must have very few colors spiritually arranged. If you have too many colors, patterns, textures, and shapes in your home, look into it. You might want to bring them towards uniformity.

Look at experts talking around minimal architecture and take tips from them. It could be around color, shape, etc.

There could be times when you have tried all and yet you feel there’s something missing in your home. Know that it is the time you need to call an interior designer from around. There is nothing wrong in taking help. We all need a caressing touch at some point in our lives. Feel the pride that you at least have taken such a step and tried brainstorming around it. It all starts with a will. Call an architectural expert around you. Consider https://radvi.com/in/real-estate-services/best-luxury-villas-houses-homes-builders-and-architects-in-india/ for the sake of its experience.

Minimalism is something that you need to experience at least once in your life. And this is the best time you can have it in and around you.