Wallpapers are affordable yet fantastic elements for bringing any room to life. Whether you want to add a creative pattern to your living room or get some warmth in your bedroom, wallpaper can help you achieve that. A well-picked wallpaper accentuates the style of your home and combines the right pattern and color to reflect a striking look.

With so many wallpapers, choosing the right one for your living room can be tricky. But worry not because here are some hints you can use.

Set the mood with color

When setting the mood in your living room, color plays a big role. Wallpapers with cool color backgrounds such as blue, green, and violet make a living space appear larger and the ceiling higher. Intense colors are dramatic but fresh. In contrast, soft colors like nudes are cool and suggest tranquility.

If you want to make your living room warmer, opt for warm colors like oranges, yellows, and reds. They complement north-facing houses quite well and are an ideal choice if you live in colder climates. Overall, keep in mind that the more intense the wallpaper color, the more excitement it brings to a room.

Pick a suitable style.

The best thing about using wallpapers in your living room is that you have many choices. Wallpaper murals, the modern and customizable versions give a wow factor and some serious style to a wall. To suit your design needs, you can personalize a wallpaper mural with your favorite photograph, painting, art, or pattern.

From sports scenes to wildlife images to pastoral views, you can quickly establish the theme of a room with wallpaper. For instance, you can pick small motifs with regular spaces for a fun, bright style.

Accentuate the positive

Look for wallpapers that accentuate your living room’s height, width, and other features. Typically vertical patterns such as stripes accentuate height and suggest formality, dignity, and vitality.

Wallpaper murals with a floral pattern suggesting a U or V shape make a ceiling seem higher than it is hence a good option for low hanging ceilings. Wallpapers with horizontal patterns stress width making a room appear bigger with a striking quietness.

Think about scale

Think about scale, especially if your room is scarcely furnished. Naturally, small scaled wallpapers make a room feel spacious, while large scaled wallpapers make a room appear more intimate. You can opt for large-scale patterns with bright colors and dark backgrounds to make an empty living room appear more furnished. On the other hand, opt for open dimensional layouts like a trellis to give flat walls some depth.

Match wisely

With so many wallpaper patterns, it is easy to make a mistake. A room with too many patterns will appear too busy and even cause restlessness. In contrast, wallpaper with no pattern can make a room boring. Ensure you mix the stripes, florals, and patterns wisely. Luckily you can have a custom wallpaper mural depending on your style.

The takeaway

Look for wallpapers that reflect maximum light around the room depending on how much natural light it gets.