Windows are an essential part of your home that allows you to interact with nature. While enabling fresh air and light to enter your home, they can assist keep the temperature stable. Air leakage from your home’s HVAC systems can result from these devices, so be careful not to overuse them.

Windows can account for as much as a quarter of your annual air conditioning costs. For people who live in older homes, the number may rise to as much as 40%. One of the most common ways that power is lost is through windows that are not adequately sealed.

This can be avoided by installing energy-efficient window coverings. As a result, your monthly energy costs will be reduced. Here are the best window treatment suggestions to get you started.



The Department of Energy (DOE) suggests installing window shades as the most straightforward and efficient treatment option for reducing energy loss. It is impossible to emphasize the significance of a competently carried out installation. Shades should be put close to windows and against the wall immediately adjacent to them to minimize heat gain and loss.

Because they have two layers of cloth, double-layered shades are more functional than single-layered ones. These shades have a lighter side and another that is darker. Try swapping the hues up depending on the time of year; during the summer, the lighter color will help to radiate heat, while the darker color will help to absorb heat during the winter months.


Window treatments are created from authentic materials such as wood, vinyl, etc. Insulation is improved in a room with thick glass and covering because air is trapped between them.

A shutter for the inside or the outside is a viable option for your home. The ones on the outside are more practical, as they protect your house from severe weather. As a result, you may regulate the amount of natural light entering your home by adjusting the interior’s louvers. These come in a variety of styles and can be customized to complement the decor of the home.


Choose drapes or curtains for your energy-efficient window treatment if you want an appealing look while saving money on your utility bills. They are timeless and come in an extensive selection of hues, designs, and materials. As a result of the fact that this window treatment is typically mounted externally, it performs its function more effectively. You may maximize the money you save on heating and cooling by giving the draperies a thermal lining.


Blinds on the inside and the outside of a building can assist cut down on solar heat gain while still allowing for adequate light, ventilation, and privacy. Reflective blinds can reduce the amount of heat gained via a sunny window by up to 45 percent when the blinds are closed and lowered.


As a homeowner, you frequently decorate your windows for aesthetic rather than practical reasons. You need to be aware, though, that applying window treatments like those found at Spring Blinds can also assist you in saving money and energy. By utilizing them, you will be helping the environment but also the energy efficiency of your household.