An architect is a professional who reviews, designs and looks at the construction of the buildings.  The main aim should be to build a structure that is useful and pleases the eye. They should have good skills when it comes to analysing the details and solving any issues that might crop up during the work. If you are looking for architects in Coimbatore.

Roles played by an Architect

The architect should have good knowledge when it comes to technical aspects. Other than this, an architect should:

Work with construction crew and contractors to ensure the work goes smoothly and sticks to plan

Consider the building codes and follow rules and regulations when the construction takes place

Review the needs of the project

Come up with a design based on discussions and propose a budget

Interior designers are creative people who also have technical knowledge. Once a building is constructed, the designer helps in accessorising and furnishing the empty interiors. All of it is done by keeping in mind the needs, preferences, lifestyle and budget of the client. There are various aspects such as selecting materials, wall designs, furniture, colour schemes and accessories that fall within the scope of the designer.

Roles played by an Interior Designer

Interior designers have essential tasks as a part of their job. While having an abundance of creativity, have a look at some of the roles played by the interior designer.

Meeting clients and coming up with an idea

Preparing a thought-out design plan following discussions

Source the material ad work with carpenters, installers, electricians and so on

Modify or bring change to the designs based on the budget or preferences of the client

Focus on details like wall design, furniture, colour scheme, kitchen layouts, flooring, lighting and so on to create a comfortable space

Difference between Architect and Interior Designer

An Architect designs and builds a whole building while the designer decorates and beautifies the interiors within the building. Both architects and designers are experts in their field. An architect builds the structure based on certain codes, measurements and by following the rules. He also makes sure that the building is functional. When it comes to an interior designer, he creates appealing and aesthetic interiors that would best suit the inhabitants.

Architects give more attention to technical aspects like direction, the form of building, materials and so on while an interior designer focuses on the wants and needs of the homeowners, aesthetics and functionality. If you have an empty plot and need to construct a building or you need to renovate the building, you could approach a builder to plan, sketch, design and later build the house of your dreams.

However, if the structure is ready and you need to decorate the interiors of the house, you should hire an interior designer who would design each room by adding furniture, picking the right paint and various décor accessories and by placing home appliances to make the house fully functional and ‘ready-to-live’.  Hence, if you are constructing a new home, you would need both professionals – one right from the beginning and one when the structure is complete. Both professionals charge relatively. Some people charge a percent of the project value while others charge a lump sum. The charges might vary between professionals in the case of the builder as well as the interior designer.

Should You Hire an Architect or an Interior Designer?

The answer for this is very clear but it needs to be reassured. This is not just a silly question but needs to be asked in case of confusion. The answer is obvious and it would be both. Yes, you should seek the services of both architects and interior designers. An architect builds the building right from the scratch (outer shell of the building) while interior designer decorates the house and makes it more functional and beautiful (interior finishes, fabrics, furniture and so on). Some people just hire an architect, get the building constructed and would attempt to design the interiors all by themselves however, the success rate in such cases is very less unless the homeowner has some knowledge about designing the interiors of the house.

Different Types of Home Designers

Some designers would hate this form of classification. However, it would be helpful for you to consider the four categories when you plan to pick an architectural designer or interior designer. One person of a company might fall into one, several or all of the categories.

Architectural Technician: This can be an individual or a company who is concerned and skilled in the science and technology of how and why buildings are constructed by implementing various methods. The person is an architectural technician who would know all the basic as well as the technical aspects of building using the right method.

Creative Architect: Many architects term this as ‘design led’ as they are concerned with finding the best functional and aesthetic solution to the issue. The broad and rigorous professional training given to architects means that they would be highly competent when it comes to handling a project.

Interior Architectural Designer: Some architectural designers can also be registered interior architectural designers who could handle architecture-related works within the house. Interior architectural designers are mainly concerned with the interior only rather than working on the structural and thermal elements of the building. you could easily type in ‘architects near me’ and search online for architects who could build your dream home from scratch by keeping all the necessary rules and regulations, building plans and design in mind.

Interior Designer: They specialise in the cosmetic finishing touches (fabrics and furniture) of a room when it comes to the elements that provide character and style to the house. Furniture, wall and floor finishes and fabrics that are noticeable and apparent in everyday life need to be set right and an interior designer does it for you to make the house beautiful and functional. A house becomes a home when it is ready to live in and is set and well-maintained by the homeowners.