Painting your house in the same old muted neutrals can get boring. Gone are the times when people liked to play it safe with their wall colours and settled for the traditional neutral hues. While there is nothing wrong with using neutrals in your spaces, you must keep in mind that a pop of colour here and there would take your home aesthetics to the next level.

Scared to experiment with bold and statement hues and don’t know how to incorporate them into your home decor? Fret not, we are here to ease you into the process of adding pops of hues into your living space this year.

Continue reading to uncover the tips and tricks for introducing vibrant colours into your home.

1. Embrace Baby Steps

Who says you have to go all out and paint all your walls in loud and flashy hues? You can start small by incorporating colourful linens like pillow covers, rugs, duvets, and throws into your neutral home decor.

These accent pieces allow you to test the water and see if vibrant hues are your cup of tea before you go all out.

2. Consider Using Nerolac Shade Card

Don’t know which bold hues to use for your home? That is where the Nerolac shade card will come in handy. Check out the plethora of hues displayed on the Nerolac shade card and pick a colour palette that you are drawn to and which appeals to your eyes and soul.

3. Create a Focal Point

Have a neutral-themed house and want to integrate a bold colour into your space? You can consider creating a focal point in your room with the help of a feature or accent wall in vibrant colours from Nerolac Paints or upholstered furniture in bold hues and patterns.

4. Balance With the Neutrals

Worried that your space would look chaotic and overwhelming if you add bold and vibrant hues into your space? That is why it is crucial to understand the art of introducing pops of colours into your space.

Remember ‘Less is more’ and it is always a great idea to contrast deep and dark hues with neutral hues so that your space looks well-balanced and organised.

5. Decide on the Vibe

Before you start adding pops of hues into your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen and powder room, it is important to pause and decide on the mood you want to achieve. Ask yourself what kind of emotions you want your home to evoke.

Once you have figured out the vibe you want your space to have, you can then start picking vibrant colours from brands like Nerolac Paints, Asian Paints and Shalimar Paints for your space.

6. Hire a Professional

Still sceptical about using bold colours in your space and require an extra push? Hire trustworthy and highly skilled painting contractors like AapkaPainter who will encourage you to embrace your inner creativity and experiment with loud and statement wall colours in 2024.

Get in touch with the folks at AapkaPainter today and browse through their impressive range of wall paints from top paint brands like Nerolac Paints, Asian Paints, Dulux Paints, etc in India.

The Bottomline

The key to incorporating bold and vibrant hues into your space without feeling too overwhelmed is to start small. Feel like you need help to freshen up your space and add some pizzazz to your home design? That is where AapkaPainter’s team of experts comes into the picture.

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