A house or any other structure looks complete only when it has a good landscape around it. Growing plants, trees and other landscaping are only possible when the topsoil of the site is retained. However, when water discharge is not done mindfully, it results in erosion. Loss of topsoil makes it difficult to grow healthy plants. Erosion has several other disadvantages as well. To avoid erosion, EARTHLOK concrete canvas in Australia is one of the best options. Here are some of the other major ways to efficiently control erosion.

1. Vegetation:

When plants are grown on a particular piece of land, roots of the same holds the topsoil. Even after waterlogging and harsh wind flow, the chances of topsoil getting eroded decrease. When you grow plants, the topsoil does not only gets retained but the same also gets utilized. Roofs will tightly hold the top and further layers of the soil. These roots are natural and one of the best retainers of topsoil. Growing anything from grass to huge plants can help you control erosion. This is a good method, especially at a sloping piece of land where erosion is difficult to control.

2. Develop Levels:

If you are having a huge piece of land that has steep slopes, then erosion might be one of the major problems you experience. It is found that erosion is a problem only when you have continuous slopes. When you convert these slopes into levels, erosion is decreased to a great extent. Terrace farming is one of the best examples of the same. Even if the erosion happens, the top layer of soil will only get moved from one level of the site to another. This is the reason why it is suggested to develop levels on the site to control erosion.

3. Avoid Too Much Water:

If you have grown plants, then you might want to water them to the best to ensure proper and speedy growth. But you must be aware of the fact that having too much water on a piece of land can also trigger erosion. Excessive water can loosen the top layer of the soil and hence make it more susceptible to erosion. On the other hand, if you apply an efficient and only required amount of water, then topsoil will be retained while giving enough water to the grown vegetation. The clogging of rainwater must also be avoided using a good drainage system.

4. Use Stones:

To improve the aesthetics and looks of space, people often use a variety of landscaping elements. Different sizes of stones in one of them. When small stones are placed on the ground, they do not only facilitate easy walking but also avoid erosion. They cover as well as bind the top layer of the soil. Apart from stones, other natural elements like wood can also be used as they are heavy and effective to control erosion. These materials can be used in areas where quick action has to be taken against erosion.